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AI managed Investment Fund

AXOVISION develops a model of interrelated artificial intelligences which analyzes the stock market. All relevant data for share prices, from financial ratios to sentiment analysis, are being utilized. The stock portfolio generated by our prototype shows a performance of 33% p.a. and thereby outperforms the broader stock market significantly. The portfolio will be put on the market as an investment fund.

No Human Factor

The advantage over a human is that the Machine Learning model can detect relevant and neglect irrelevant data. It is able to solve complex, interdependent coherences in short order without the interference and influence of emotions and biases. Additionally, the usage of one model is scalable at only minimal cost – unlike the services of fund managers.

Drift Handling

Modern day financial markets are fast-paced and dynamic. This requires flexible models that constantly detect changes and adapt accordingly. Our model incorporates strategies to handle concept drifts and adjust to shifts in market behavior and ensures suitability at all times.

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State of the Art AI Techniques used


Experienced Data Science Developers and Portfolio Managers


Diverse Data Analysis on Traditional as well as Alternative Data

Comprehensive Decision Making

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Model Features

Our model features range over a vast variety of data. This includes:

Fundamental Indicators

Technical Indicators


Sentiment Analysis

Alternative Data

Backtest Statistics


Return p.a.

1.9 Sharpe Ratio

Positive Risk Compensation

0.04 Beta

Market Neutral

Our Team

Thomas Kutschera

Thomas Kutschera CEO

B.A. in Economics
M.Sc. in Business Administration

Thomas gained international experience at universities in London and Chicago and established contacts in the international financial industry. The focus of his studies was on financial markets and finance. His bachelor and master theses deal with capital market anomalies and portfolio theory. He gained experience with portfolio and fund management at a regional asset management company and was able to expand this experience by working for HSBC, a major British bank. There he was involved in the trading, advisory, marketing and distribution of derivatives and structured products. Thomas is responsible for the business development, trading strategies and controlling.

Jan Wessling CTO

B.Sc. in Natural Language Processing
M.Sc. in Computational Linguistics

Jan is an expert in the field of speech recognition and has proven this in practice: As part of the Daimler Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) Development Team, he was involved in designing an innovative, voice-controlled user interface using state-of-the-art technology. In the course of his work he was part of several scientific publications at renowned conferences (LREC, SIGDIAL). Jan constantly improves the predictive model. His core tasks in the founding team are sentiment, language and text analysis.

Jan Wessling
Christoph Peter

Christoph Peter CMO

B.A. in Economics
M.Sc. in Business Informatics

The focus of Christoph’s bachelor's degree programme was on financial markets, in his master's he specialized in data science and business intelligence. He supplemented his theoretical knowledge with practical insights at a technology specialist, a tax firm and an asset manager. As a research assistant he worked together with an energy analytics provider gaining valuable experience in data science and business intelligence. His network is rooted in the local financial industry and is regularly used to gather know-how. Christoph is responsible for the marketing and sales of our fund.

Timo Mechsner CIO

B.Sc. in Cognitive Informatics

During his previous studies, Timo specialized in pattern recognition as well as machine and especially deep learning. In his bachelor thesis he investigated possibilities to recognize changes in market behavior (concept drift) and to use them in automated stock trading. In addition to working with Predictive Maintenance for Industrial Machines and developing a Learning Interface for Smart Homes, he also worked several years as a freelance IT consultant and full-stack developer. He advised clients on various web and application development projects. Timo works together with Jan on the predictive model and is primarily responsible for the software architecture.

Timo Mechsner

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