This website is a joint offer from AXOVISION GmbH and AXOVISION Capital GmbH.

However, AXOVISION GmbH does not provide financial services or investment services of any kind. The investment services below are exclusively provided in the name and for the account of AXOVISION Capital GmbH:

Investment broking (Section 2 (2) No. 3 WpIG),
Investment advice (Section 2 (2) No. 4 WpIG),
Contract broking (Section 2 (2) No. 5 WpIG) and
Portfolio management (Section 2 (2) No. 9 WpIG)

BaFin ID: 10159642
Walderseestr. 7
30163 Hanover, Germany

Managing Director:
René Stadtmüller

Trade register:
Register court: District Court Hanover
Register number: HRB 220699

Phone: +49(0) 511 761 206 09

Responsible supervisory authority (and also conciliation):
German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (“BaFin”).
Marie-Curie-Str. 24 – 28
60439 Frankfurt, Germany

Note in accordance to the remuneration regulation for institutions (InstitutsVergV):
Due to its size, our institute is not a system-relevant company in the sense of the InstitutsVergV. Our remuneration (management/employees) is appropriate and performance-related. The remuneration policy and thus the remuneration system are based on a decision-making process in accordance with the regulation. A review of the remuneration structure takes place annually.

Note in accordance to the participation policy (§ 134a ff. AktG):
As an asset manager, the Company pursues the following participation policy within the scope of § 134b AktG:
Insofar as the Company executes shareholder rights, it does so within the framework of and in order to implement the investment guidelines specified by and agreed with the clients.

1. Execution of shareholders’ rights


If there is a choice between shares and cash in the event of a any dividend payment, a cash dividend is always preferred for processing reasons.

Subscription rights

Subscription rights are only exercised in the context of a capital increase after prior examination and positive suitability of the shares for the portfolio in accordance with the investment guidelines. In the event of a positive assessment, the subscription right is usually exercised. If the subscription right is not exercised, the subscription rights are sold in the interests of the client.

Other corporate actions

In the case of other capital actions, participation is only possible after prior review and recommendation by the portfolio management. In the event of a positive assessment of the action intended by the company, the capital measure is usually exercised.

2. Monitoring of important matters relating to the portfolio companies

The basis for investing in portfolio companies is a well-grounded selection and monitoring process by the portfolio management, which considers compliance with regulatory standards as well as the investment strategy defined by the investor. The company regularly reviews the suitability of the portfolio companies for the implementation of the investment guidelines agreed upon by the investor and the regulatory standards.

3. Exchange with the corporate organs and stakeholders of the company

The Company does not actively seek an exchange with the corporate organs and stakeholders of the Company. It therefore does not use any confidential information of the portfolio companies that would not also be available to other capital market participants. It does not act as a so-called active shareholder and does not influence the daily business policy of the portfolio companies. This does not exclude the general use of publications accessible to the capital market public, such as investor conferences and road shows.

4. Cooperation with other shareholders

No cooperation with other shareholders is intended.

5. Dealing with Conflicts of Interest

The management of conflicts of interest is defined in the Conflict of Interest Policy of the Company.

6. Participation report

As the Company does not pursue an active participation policy in the boards of the Portfolio Companies, no report on the participation policy is required. As a rule, the Company does not exercise any shareholder rights in the Boards, in particular at the Annual General Meeting. Accordingly, reporting on voting behaviour is also not required.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/2088):

The risks arising from the uncertainty of requirements from the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/2088) can not be estimated by the company. The company therefore does not take into account any adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainability risks within the meaning of the Regulation (EU) 2019/2088. However, the company includes self-defined criteria with regard to sustainability factors and sustainability risks in its investment decisions. For more information please go to the Sustainability section on our Company page.

Information according to Art. 5 TMG and responsible for the content according to Art. 55 (2) RStV:

Walderseestraße 7
30163 Hanover, Germany

Managing Director:
Thomas Kutschera

Phone: +49(0) 511 761 206 09

Trade register:

Register court: District Court Hanover
Register number: HRB 219889


Sales tax identification number according to § 27a of the Sales Tax Law: