Signals Description


With our next gen signals as a service offering, professional clients can profit from the opportunities that state of the art technologies are delivering in asset management, without writing a single line of code. You can either implement your own strategies, based on these signals, or enhance existing strategies.

Key Advantages

Gain a competitive edge

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Increase your Alpha

Our low beta signals offer substantial advantages to optimise your portfolio.

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Customised Delivery

Choose between daily e-mail delivery or designated database access.

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Plug & Play

Directly convert signals into trades, no further calculations needed.

Signal types (advanced)

Signal Types

Market Signals

Daily AI trading signals that predict movements of specific equity markets.


We also offer tailor-made solutions on an individual basis.



You can obtain our AI Signals, if you are a professional client, under MIFID 2.
The uniqueness of AI Signals starts with its input factors. AI enables the analysis of a variety of traditional as well as alternative data sets and to find new interrelationships in the data. Autonomously learning enables a emotionless analysis of the data sets and the detection of highly complex, nonlinear and multidimensional patterns, that are hard to grasp for the human mind. Through repetitive learning the model adapts constantly to changing market conditions. This all results in attractive risk adjusted returns, with a reduced correlation to the general market behaviour.
Currently, our sophisticated AI models predict daily movements of the US and European stock market, daily movements of US single stocks and sentiment scores for specific crypto currencies. For more information, please refer to the respective product brochure. We are also working on models for other markets. Just contact us, if you have any questions!
Yes, we also offer tailor-made AI signals for exclusive customers. If you have a specific use case and the relevant data we can provide you with tailor-made AI Signals. Contact us , if you want more info.

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